Christian Church Football

Central Coast

Welcome to the 2016 Season

Word From the Association

It's time to scrap the mud off the boots and get out on the field again. Hope you all have a great and enjoyable season.

We have managed to get 5 games for each division each week, so we will go ahead with our plan of having all Division 2 games at 1:15 and all Division 1 games at 3pm. Wyong B will be kept as a back-up field. If there are any errors with team names, please send an email through to Bisho at and he should be able to update this for us. Also, if you haven't submitted a team rego sheet with the list of players to either myself or Bisho, then please get onto this straight away.

As always, divisions will be reviewed after these first 5 rounds and changes made where required. Going back to the 2 divisions does mean that there will be a greater variance in opponents, but this format was the majority's choice at the AGM so we need to take the good with the bad. Again, if there is an obvious error in team grading, then we will be able to change this after the 5 rounds. Team/s that finish at the bottom of Division 1 this year will drop to Division 2 next year - please refrain from tanking at the end of the season

Division 2 has the bye, which Bisho has randomly assigned.

IMPORTANT: Could I please have a volunteer from either Terrigal Masters or Impact Church to pick up the nets for Wyong and take these to the 1:15 game? I also have the match balls that need to be taken to Wyong A (2 for each of the 4 teams). I live at Erina so please send me an email or a text - 0422 072 252 to let me know when you are available. It would also be great if one of the teams playing at 1:15 at Fagans could pick up the match balls from my place and take them along to their game on Saturday (2 for each of the 8 teams). Also, could at least one player from each team please remember to bring a pump along as I havenít found the time to pump up 42 soccer balls.

James Davies has put his hand up this year to help out with the website. Bisho is helping with the transition, but we should have everything up and running smoothly by next week. A big thank you to James for volunteering his skills in this area as well as a big thank you to Bisho for everything he has done and continues to do for this association.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to encourage all team managers to reiterate to their players the importance of player behaviour. We do have a more rigid suspension system in place for this year and we will be as transparent with this process as possible. Again, we will be providing all information regarding penalties for specific offences on the website if not by this weekend, it will be available prior to Round 2 fixtures. James will also be setting up a system for teams to submit their 3,2,1 votes for the opposition player performance. Please have a quick chat about this after the game and submit it when you go on to submit your results. It would be great if every team could get on board with this as we think it will help for us to get to know each other better and could build a little more respect between teams.

Mostly sunshine expected for the rest of the week, so enjoy Round 1 (except Wyoming, who have unluckily drawn the bye first up...sorry about that). Training will start next week...Killarney on Wednesday night and Fagans on Thursday night.


Let me know if you have any questions and I expect to have a couple of texts/emails from volunteers about collecting soccer balls and/or nets for Saturday.



Round 2 Fixtures

Division 1

Home Away Field
Liberty Family Church V CCC Tumbi Baboons Killarney Vale A 3pm
C3 Tuggerah V Terrigal Uniting - Paragon Killarney Vale B 3pm
Wyong Baptist V Lakes EV Wyong A 3pm
Coast Community V Erina EV Fagans A 3pm
Not Gosford V Hope Fagans B 3pm

Division 2

Home Away Field
Impact Church V Tumbi Badgers Killarney Vale A 1:15pm
Tumbi Bobcats V Terrigal Uniting - Masters Killarney Vale B 1:15pm
Hope D2 V Lakes EV D2 Wyong A 1:15pm
Coast Community 2 V Rockets Fagans A 1:15pm
Wyoming V Gosford Community Fagans B 1:15pm
Narara Valley V BYE

Round 1 Fixtures

Division 1

Home Away Field
C3 Tuggerah V Coast Community Killarney Vale A 3pm
Hope V Liberty Family Church Killarney Vale B 3pm
Terrigal Uniting - Paragon V Wyong Baptist Wyong A 3pm
CCC Tumbi Baboons V Erina EV Fagans A 3pm
Lakes EV V Not Gosford Fagans B 3pm

Division 2

Home Away Field
Coast Community 2 V Hope D2 Killarney Vale A 1:15pm
Gosford Community V Rockets Killarney Vale B 1:15pm
Terrigal Uniting - Masters V Impact Church Wyong A 1:15pm
Tumbi Badgers V Narara Valley Fagans A 1:15pm
Lakes EV D2 V Tumbi Bobcats Fagans B 1:15pm
Wyoming V BYE